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80, the new system, called the SNES Classic Edition, comes with 21 packaged Super Nintendo Entertainment System classics, including «Donkey Kong Country» and «The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The console has a September 29 release date, and it includes the best Mario game ever made: «Super Mario World. But what else is on there? The console is officially named the Super NES Classic Edition — a shortened version of the console’s name from 1991, when it was released as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Unlike the original SNES console, the Classic Edition won’t play cartridges. It’s capable of powering only the 21 games included in the box. The NES Classic Edition was a miniaturized re-creation of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, albeit with built-in games rather than the ability to play cartridges. As a stand-in for being able to play all your old cartridge-based games, the console had a concept called «save states» — a virtual system for adding saves to all games on the console. The Super NES Classic Edition will assuredly replicate that functionality for its 21 games, though Nintendo hasn’t confirmed as much yet. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this package is the inclusion of «Star Fox 2» — a game that was never released by Nintendo. It was actually completed back in the 1990s but was never released to the public for a variety of reasons.